Abdul Gafar Malik Victim of Gunda Raj in Bandipora 

Kashmir News Bureau 
Bandipora, Jan 06 (KNB): The Gunda Raj in Bandipora is rampant with genuine, noble people threatened by politically favored goons.
One person Namely Abdul Gafar Malik is living in Aloosa since decades, with family living in the area since more than 100 years ago.

Now when they started some construction on their own land the vested interest went against him claiming that land was Ahle Islam purpose land (graveyard etc ) not his  , but when Abdul Gafar Malik pleaded to DC for inquiry and it was proven by the revenue records that the land was  not the Ahle Islam land but the property land of Abdul Gafar Malik .
Now after due process of establishing the fact of legal ownership over his own land Abdul Gafar Malik started the construction and the blue-eyed boys of the former PDP local MLA are threatening him once again to stop construction on his own land.
“Where is the law and order in Bandipora , People are barred from construction on their own land and using negative tactics scroundel elements are making life hell for common masses,” stated a neighbour of Abdul Gafar Malik. (KNB)

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