Anantnag primary health centers lacks basic infrastructure

Sumreen Amin

Anantnag, Jan 12 (KNB): The inhabitants of rural areas in Anantnag district of South Kashmir suffer severely due to non-availability of basic health infrastructure in primary health centers.

In primary health centre Adlach Sirgufwara, the locals allege that there
are no doctors available due to which people have to face a lot of problems.

They say apart from doctors there are no technicians available for the treatment of the patients.

“In the name of health center, we have only buildings with no doctors and
no medicine. Even for headache, there is no medicine available and we
have to rush to far off hospital for treatment,” said Abdul Rashid the
local resident of Adlach, Sirgufwara.

The locals say that there are only tall buildings with no medical facility
available. They say that government has invested huge funds in constructing buildings but least care about the healthcare facilities.

The natives from the area said, “Government has constructed buildings
which have benefitted only the contractors leaving the masses high and
dry. Our conditions get worsened in times of hartals when there is no
transport facility available.”

The masses said that in case of referrals or emergencies, there are no
ambulances in these primary health centers. They say that it adds to their
misery at the same time they are worried about their near and dear ones in
case the situation goes out of control.

“It simply means that Govt has left us at the mercy of our own. They are
least bothered about our wellbeing. We may need an ambulance anytime,
anyone can be severely sick,” said Sheikh Nisar, a local resident.
“There is only one dentist who accomplishes the task of a surgeon. One
can imagine the triviality of the administration towards us,” said Fatima
Begum, a native resident of Sirhama.

The other primary health centers where public allege lack of infra-structure are Aakura health centre, Khayar health centre, Haapathnaar primary health center, skathsoo primary health center.
Talking to KNB, Chief Medical Officer Anantnag Dr. Fazil Ali said that there is no chance of absence of doctors in any primary health centers here. Adding he said, there are at least two MD doctors available round the clock, who regularly perform night duties and go for leave the next day on a routine basis.
“In our district we have 68 ambulances, so the shortage of ambulance doesn’t arise,” said Dr. Fazil Ali.

Assuring the masses of all possible help and take note of public grievances, he added, “I will look into the matter so that people may not suffer any further.” (KNB)

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