Altaf Bukhari snubs Army Chief

Srinagar, Jan 13 (KNB):  In an important development, Jammu and Kashmir  Education Minister Altaf Bukhari has snubed Army Chief General Rawat says we don’t need lessons on education he should mind his own business. Rawat had blamed education system and said teachers teach separate map of JK to students.
Education Minister Altaf Bukhari stated  ‘Army chief is not an academician he shouldn’t deliver sermons. We know how to run our education system. Nothing wrong in teaching student maps every state has its map “We have a constitution. We have two flags in that. Every state has a map. What is wrong in that?”
‘The army has its job they should focus on that. Leave our job to us. If they do their work well a lot of this problem of separatism would be addressed”
Earlier Army Chief Bipin Rawat had stated that in the schools in Jammu & Kashmir, what teachers are teaching should not be taught. In schools in J&K, there can be seen 2 maps, one of India another of J&K. Why do we need a separate map for J&K? What does it teach the children? he had observed. (KNB)

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