NGOs failed to work on burning issues in Kashmir

Bilal Bashir Bhat 
Srinagar, Jan 16 (KNB): It is well known  there are a number of NGOs in the state and the mushroom growth of these continues. But, they have failed to come up to the expectation of the people and done nothing to tackle burning issues.
One of the main responsibility of the Non Governmental Organizations was to provide an answer to the ever increasing and burning socio-psychological problems confronted by the people of the state especially Kashmir Valley. These include ever increasing evils like  suicide rates, drug addiction.
Unfortunately, despite being the greatest vice, the suicide rate has increased alarmingly over the past few years in the Kashmir Valley. Just a few decades back, Kashmir was among few places across the world  with very low suicide rates. Ironically, over the past two decades the graph of suicides has run north.
Recent statistics show that suicides nearly doubled from earlier stats .But, hardly we see any constructive effort in this regard by any of the NGO to educate people about the evil of suicides.
Late marriages are also one of the major existing social evils; it has forced our youth to involve in immoral activities. People often give preference to a working girl for marriage. Similarly boys having government jobs or earning a lot are always the first choice. Even the parents at present times never consider about marriage of their children especially boys before getting a sound job.  according to the commoners on ground zero have never seen any concentrated effort in this regard from the any of the NGOS working out here.
Drug addiction is also increasing at an alarming pace in the Valley of Kashmir. According to credible findings which should be certainly an eye-opener to everyone that Kashmir division drug addiction is becoming a big problem according to many studies , but only a handful of NGOs are working to counter this societal cancer called drug addiction and even these NGOs have failed to yield any substantial result in countering this menace.
On the other side of the spectrum, we hardly find any attention from these NGOs to counter the diverse environmental problems confronted by world famous valley of Kashmir.
As it is known fact that on environmental front the Valley of Kashmir is facing deluge. Kashmir’s ecological balance has been severely disturbed as a result of unabated environmental destruction over a period of nearly three decades.
Kashmir once known as “paradise on earth,” home to vast wildlife reserves including some species so rare they existed only in Kashmir, are now quickly falling victim to the desolation which has encompassed much of this piece of land and world famous lakes of Kashmir Valley have been reduced to cesspools. But hardly any NGO out of thousands of NGOs working out here has worked to safeguard our environment, unlike outside states wherein the relentless efforts of NGOs have yielded substantial results in preventing further degradation of environment.
Experts are clear that the writing is clear on the wall-“NGOS in Kashmir have shunned their basic responsibilities and failed to provide any answer to the growing societal evils faced by masses of Kashmir”. (KNB)

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