Umar Khalid escapes unhurt in an attack in Delhi

Delhi 13 August (KNB): JNU student leader, Umar Khalid, had a narrow escape on Monday after a gun-wielding man outside Delhi’s Constitution Club overpowered and tried to shoot him.

According to Delhi Police DCP Madhur Verma, as quoted by ANI, “It is being verified. Umar Khalid said that he was attacked. Somebody pounced on him and pushed, thereafter he tried to fire at Khalid. But couldn’t. According to Khalid the attacker fired in the air and was chased by people”.

The Indian Express also quoted Khalid as saying, “I was having tea with some friends at the stall right outside Constitution Club when a hefty man came from behind and grabbed my neck with his arms. I noticed there was a gun in his hand so I tried to hold his hand, I was scared as he has was trying to shoot me. He overpowered me and threw me to the ground. He then hit me. When my friends tried to fight him back, he threw the gun and ran away. I heard a shot in the distance. The gun was definitely fired”. (KNB)

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