Ambivalent Exploitation of Private Schools in Bandipore

Akeel Ahmad 

Bandipora 13 October (KNB): Bandipore posits in north side of Kashmir is historically acknowledged by three terms, Alim (Knowledge), Adab (Ethics), and Aab (Water), which are found as sublimity in bandipore area. While we see the first among the three as Alim seems to be vanishing day by day absorbing different colors. Alim, as we all know is darkness to light, but it takes a different figure in bandipore which stirred my emotions and forced me to speak for through my pen. It seems so strange when knowledge is being exploited, which earlier ceased the exploitation of schools and is meant to end it, but unfortunately the exploitation of knowledge in bandipore in different schools and institutions is nourishing day by day on the name of religion, Ironically without knowing is happening there idealism.

The authority uses the religion for their pleasures and interests by portraying so called religious figure. The students and teachers suffer on the name of religion, people give lot more funds and invest so much charity but teachers have to wait for meager money after a hard toil and students with unavailability of things. Only the name of religion relinquishes the victims to speak up.

Particularly when we talk about the schools which is an aspired place for the children or people yearning for knowledge, a better life and a prosperous future for themselves and for the society. The school is meant to modify the behavior, to provide mental health, to redeem lives and to manufacture better individuals for the society. Now when we see the condition of schools here, all we have is exploitation in layered disguises. Parents want their children to have better education with the addition of the theological knowledge. We see that miserly crippled schools in essence are highlighted in sublimity. How does it happen? How are people especially parents convinced? Why does the best funded school provide a meager salary to the teachers? The answers to these questions are simple if we use common sense rather than organized religion sense (by organized religion we mean the created one, not what actually is there). When they attach the religion that we have full faith in disguise to the poor schools, people believe it something that cannot deceive us. It is not only about religion there are other things that are used to exploit us. The copied patterns of well-known schools are there, like syllabus, decorum, fee even. They copy the exterior part but fail in essence.

The personality of and individual is shaped from the age of 0-6 years. The point here is elementary education. What kind of personality would our children have, if we give them these poor schools? How would be the future prosperous?

The remedies to these serious concerns are not simple but, awareness can possible and this is a small step towards it. We must stand and write to change the prevailing school system here. Parents had better choose the school wisely for their children. Even teachers must take the responsibility to teach the children taking in consideration what we talked above. We know that school system here has taken the shape of some kind of a business enterprise rather than a pure institution of knowledge and mean to modify the behavior of the children. We must wake up otherwise the day will come soon when there will be no institute to educate just different form of business. Knowledge and education will just be a name. (KNB)

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