JK Bank is best Institution: JK Governor

Jammu 31 Oct (KNB): Satyapal Malik, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir complimented J&K bank and called it a wonderful institution and cleared that whatever he was told by J&K Bank officials about the “recruitment mess” there was not “gospel truth.”

During his first media interaction in Jammu, He said, “some youth and bank officials came to meet me at Raj Bhawan and told me about the irregularities in the recruitment process for the appointments made by the bank. But, whatever they told me was not the Gospel truth. Things will come to the fore only after an enquiry.”

He told the media that he and the secretary of the bank have given orders to the subordinate staff for ensuring smooth functioning of the bank.

“JK Bank is doing a great business. It is a wonderful institution and we will ensure it functions properly,” he said.

The Governor said that some people have been distorting his statements by claiming that entire Kashmiri community is corrupt, while talking about Corruption in Kashmir.

“I have not defamed Kashmiris,” said Governor.

He further added, “Those people are defaming the Kashmiris who are indulging in corruption. I have seen two facets of Kashmir: the poor and the opulent and rich. I want to end this culture to make every resident of Kashmir happy and wealthy and it will be possible only after corruption will come to an end.” (KNB)

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