Worried Mother appeals to son to shun militancy

Srinagar 03 Nov (KNB): A mother in Khanyar locality of the Kashmir Valley on Saturday made fervent appeals for her son to shun militancy and return home, a day after his impersonated photograph posing as IS militant on social media.

Ehtiham, a B.tech student went missing on last Sunday from his hostel at Sharda University in Greater Noida, nearly after a month, when he was assaulted during a group clash at the university between Indian and Afghani students.

A gun-wielding picture of Ehtesham along with a claiming audio message surfaced on social media which went viral in no time .

In an audio message, Ehtesham pledged allegiance to Islamic State, which has hardly has any presence in the state as per police.

Meanwhile, Dilbag Singh, Jammu and Kashmir police Chief said they were verifying the authenticity of the audio clip. In the meantime the family of Ehtisham tried to reach to him through media.

Bilal Ahmad, a distressed father made a fervent appeal to the “militant group” to let Ehtesham return to his parents as he was “young and naive”.

Bilal while addressing his son said, “I have heard your audio message. I am worried and shocked. You talk about Islam and Iman but you forget that the heaven, according to Islam, lies under the feet of mother, and father is the door to heaven,” He further added , “Islam warns against disobedience to your parents” in his message.

“I order you and also make a humble request to you to return to your family, especially your mother who is ailing. She hasn’t eaten anything since you went missing. I am also a heart patient,” he said.

Bilal in his plea to militant group said: “My son is young and naive. For God’s sake send him home. Have mercy on us, Allah will bless you. This is an appeal from a helpless father.”

Ehtesham’s young sister, Hadiqa is heartbroken since he went missing. While appealing her brother with folded hands to come home, she said, “What will mother do [in your absence].” (KNB)

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