Jammu, Srinagar: Which is better city?

Mehvish Dilshad

Srinagar, November 20 (KNB): Development of a state means development of all. It should not be selective. Despite being one state,Jammu and Kashmir are equally opposite when it comes to development. Whereas Jammu is developing rapidly, while as the development in Kashmir is all about missing deadlines and work in progress.

Talking about constructions of flyovers, Jammu city has well-built Flyovers in every corner of their places and in city Srinagar. The tale of fly overs is never ending. Valley’s longest flyover from Jehangir Chowk to Rambagh is one such example, the construction of which had begun in 2013, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) at an estimated cost of Rs 359 crore, but still is far from completion even after missing several deadlines.

However, the 2014 floods and 2016 unrest were the two major reasons for the delay in the construction of the flyover and even the executing agencies blame the situation in the valley as well as weather conditions for not meeting deadlines.

Another example is the project of the grade separator near TRC Junction, which was to be built at a cost of Rs 17.85 crore and was supposed to be completed by December 2016 but visibly is still not complete and under construction.

“While coming from Jammu to Srinagar I noticed that Jammu is the day part of the state and Kashmir lies as night, talking in the sense of development. Jammu has developed a lot and Kashmir is in dark,” said Ambreen (name changed), a local traveler.

However, it is really important for a state to be developed from both the sides and in every aspect. If Jammu is the winter capital, Kashmir is also its summer capital. And both need to be equally developed. (KNB)

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