STRELITZIA DYING: A Poem Written by Zahid Ahmad

Strelitzia called “BIRDS OF PARADISE” awesome blossoms, creamy colour, crane flowers,
are being destroyed from a long time, “Why so?”

From decades its’ being practiced by numerous methods to cut down these precious flowers
(birds of paradise), I wonder! Tears in my eyes, every day, every night, every moment, I am
trying to get the answer why these flowers are being destroyed, to acquire new land? To
assemble new garden? To mould tall buildings? Or I can say to fashion hell? Actually it was
a garden full of these flowers, and had been called by the name “Paradise (KASHMIR)”. Is it
garden or paradise now? Of course, everyone will answer me a big NO, because it is
gradually taking the form of hell.

Full of Sterlitzia garden (K) is changing into the infernal region (hell) and I am relishing like
a play. In this plot some blossoms are blind, some are dead and some are but actually they are

In every garden, there are some gardeners to take care of the plot. But in my garden (k), the
gardners’ (Sabakdosh) are being the crusader of these flower-cleaver (I). They believe that
they are the owner of this garden (K), but they are not. Then what they are? Can I say that
they are paid servants! They may have their own flowers in this garden but no, they grew
their flowers in another garden where they don’t have any threat of been cleaved down.
The birds of Paradise are raising their voices’, they are crying. BUT who is listening to them.
Nobody, don’t we have ears? Or we are being dumb. Sometimes I attend;
“Let us live, let us have our lives
We want to grow up, don’t cleave us by knives
We are helpless, but we can say
Oh ALLAH! Help us, Oh ALLAH! Help us
We are innocents, we are needy
We are candles, we want to enlighten
Oh ALLAH! Help us, Oh ALLAH! Help us
Oh murderer!
You will be burnt, you will be destroyed
Then you will cry, then you will die
When ALLAH will help us, when ALLAH will help us
Its’ our Paradise, its’ our Land
Leave us alone, don’t make it Hell
Oh ALLAH! Help us, Oh ALLAH! Help us
I am saying that, leave this garden (K), we (birds) will look after ourselves. INSHALLAH we
will make it new Paradise, we will nourish (STERLITZIA). We will be the gardners’ of our
land (garden), and the flowers’ who are already dead will be always in our hearts and prayers
because they came forward to save our lives “REST IN PEACE”.

The writer can be reached at zahidghazali4@gmail.com

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