Irfan’s decision of joining PC his own personal: PDP’s G.N Panditpuri

Irfans decision of joining PC his own personal: G.N Panditpur
Refused his support to Irfan

Srinagar: People’s Democratic Party, Langate constituency head, Gh Nabi Panditpuri on Saturday refused his support to Irfan Pandithpora.

The development came after Irfan joined People’s Conference. While commenting on issue, Gh Nabi termed his joining PC as his own personal decision.

Gh Nabi Pandithpori further said, “Irfan took this decision on his personal capacity. I came to know his joining of PC on social media. I will not leave the party even if i loses again, I Wil continue lead PDP in Langate, Says Gh Nabi Pandithpori.”

It is pertinent to mention here that in the previous elections, Gh Nabi Pandithpuri who was the PDP Candidate manged to get 16000 votes.

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