Urs celebrations of Harzat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani begins from Tomorrow

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 18 Dec (KNB): The 878th urs of Hazrat Syed ABU Muhammad ‘Abd al- Qadir ibn Saalih ‘ Abdullah ibn Jangi Dost al-Jeeli al -Hambli(RA) also known as Hazrat Gous ul Azam Dastgeer sahab (RA) will be celebrated on 19th of December on Wednesday.

The yearly anniversary of the Dastgeer sahib(RA) is celebrated on the 11th day of the Rabi-us- Saani , fourth month of the Islamic or Hijri calendar. The largest urs gathering will be held at the Dastgeer shrine at khanyar and Amira Kadal in Srinagar. Also known as the Gous ul Azam dastgeer sahib among the people of kashmir . He was born in the month of the Ramadhan in 470 AH in the Persian provision of Jilan (Iraq). He was blessed with the direct lineage to Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W) through his father Sheikh Abu Saleh Moosa (RA) who was a direct descendant of imam Hasan (RA).He is also titled as the ‘ Al –Hassani wal Hussaini , as his mother Sayyida Bibi Ummul khair Fatima (ra) also has the lineage to prophet Mohmmad (S.A.W) as she was descendent of Imam Hussein( RA).

The prediction of the birth of Gous ul Azam( RA )was given by the previous renowed scholars of islam like Sayyiduna Junaid Baghdadi (R A), Imam Hasan Askari (RA) ,Sheikh Khaleel Balkhi (RA)………In the book Azkaarul Abrar it is noted that sheikh Khleel Balkhi was seated with his deciples ,he said ‘’ A pure servant of Allah will become apparent in Iraq towards the end of the fifth .The world will gain brightness from his presence. He will be Gous of his time.

The creation of Allah will be obedient to him and he will be leader of the Awliya Allah
“From the childhood he spent his time in remembrance of Allah. When Sheikh Abdul Qadir was four year old ,his mother enrolled him in a local Madrassa in jilan . Until age of ten he studied there and various amazing incident occurred during that period, he used to see bright figures walking in front of him saying ‘’give way to friend of Allah.”

After completion of education at the mdra the great saint traveled to the Baghdad for further the education during the Abbasid Caliphate in 488 AH. In baghad he took admission in the Madrassa Nizamiya , which was most prestigious and world-renowed educational institute of its time ,where he reached an outstanding in the field of Fiqah ,Tafseer, Sunnah , Hadith and Arab Literature.He studied the Hambli Fiqah in particular under prominent Hanabli scholar Hazrat Abu Sayyid al –mukarmmi , Tafsir ,Sunnah, and Hadith by Hazrat Abu Ghalib and Abu Qasim Ali and also studied the Arab lliterature under Hazrat Zakariya yahya Tabrazi
After completion of his academics studies ,Sheikh Abdul Qadir (RA) gained the deep spiritual knowledge from Sheikh Hammad (ra) who wa originally from Syria and had travelled to Baghdad and lived in a place called Muzzafariyyab until his demise in 525 AH . Apart from him, Gaus ul Azam also gained spiritual education from Sheikh Abu Saeed AL –Mukarmi (RA). By the year 496 AH , he had completed his acedamic and spiritual studies , and he underwent aa period of deep reflection and seclusion during which he distanced himself from all worldly affairs.

When Sheikh Abul Qaadir (ra) was suffering from illness just before his demise his son Abdul Wahab asked him’’ Give me a parting admonition on which I should act after you have left this world ‘’ the Gous ul Azam replied
‘’Fear Allah, fear none but Allah .always turn towards him .Ask all wishes from Allah . do not turn to anyone besides Allah .Do not have faith in any but in Allah ,remain firm on Tawheed .There is no salvation without Tawheed . When the heart become linked with Allah then nothing else seems to look good to him .I have reached the level of true love .it is domain where worldly love has no place’’

After a brief illness sheikh Abdul qadir jilani (ra) passed way in 561 AH, at the age 91 .The date was 11th f Rabi al Thani and people around the world celebrate the day. (KNB)

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