Now, President rule in Kashmir from tomorrow

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, December 19(KNB): President’s rule is set to be imposed in the state from Thursday (December 20), as the governor’s rule ends in Jammu and Kashmir after six months.

After BJP broke its alliance with PDP and chief minister Mehbooba Mufti resigned, President Ram Nath Kovind imposed the Governor’s Rule in the state for the eighth time.

The Governor has to dissolve the Legislative Assembly after six months and the state comes directly under President’s rule for another six months after which elections have to be held in the state, in case the elections are not declared, President’s rule can be extended by another six months.

The state is under central rule since June 19 after the BJP withdrew support from the then Mehbooba Mufti-led coalition government and today the six-month term of Governor’s rule comes to an end.

While talking to KNB, Akash rana said, “If President’s rule is imposed in j&k it will be effectively a fresh spell of central rule and for its extension in Jammu and Kashmir, it would be necessary as there may not be any elected government.”

As per Article 356 of the constitution if the local government collapse, Presidential rule comes in to play in a state,but Jammu and Kashmir has its own separate Constitution that provides it a separate layer in the state.

Under Article 92 of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution, Governor’s Rule is imposed in the state for a period of six months and at the end of six months if suspension of assembly has not been revoked, the state comes under the President’s Rule as mandated by the Constitution of India as per Article 356.

Adil wani, resident of srinagar said, “I dont find any difference whether the state is under Governor rule or Presidential our state comes under Centre in both situations,the Valley is facing unrest, people have lost their lives, every now and then situation is worsening, at the end we can only hope that the innocent killing spree will stop under the president rule”(KNB)

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