Kashmir, a place of unmatched Humanity

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 25 Dec (KNB): No doubt, Kashmir is famous for hospitality, brotherhood, and peace loving nature throughout the world. Kashmiris are always termed as truthful, humble, sincere, conscientious and devout. The residents of the valley are taking care of each other from centuries whether Hindu, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs … besides the Muslim majority, various temples are looked after by the Muslims.

But unfortunately , Kashmiris are labelled as the anti- national ,traitor , terrorists , stone pelter … inside and outside Kashmir even before what they feel and they are never treated as equal citizens .they feel no loyal towards India and have never felt included India , its democracy , secularism and globilisation. The regular death spree has never shaken the any institution or the politician in other part of country. The students of Jammu and Kashmir are always harassed outside the state and making them feel as aliens in India

While talking to KNB Manoj Khatour a cinematographer from Mumbai said’’ kashmir was totally different for me as projected by the national media , I have visited various countries but never find the people with such helpfulness and hospitality as in Kashmir , and never felt away from home in Kashmir

Talking to KNB Nasir Geelani a senior journalist said ‘’ Kashmir is famous for kashmiriyat , peace and brotherhood , history is that Kashmiris has never broken the communal harmony, and recent surveys has shown that the Kashmir has zero percent reports against the tourists . it is unfortunate that the students of Jammu & Kashmir are harassed outside the valley being the citizens of the country , the grievence cells should be opened in every state to look at the problems faced by the students in other states ,and these discriminations should be stopped’’.

‘’kashmiri is IAS topper, intellectual and peace loving, unfortunately due to violence the national and international media is trying to deteroite the image of kashmiris even being the safest place for visitors and fertile land of peace ,conflict has influenced the kashmiris even outside states especially students , traders, are labelled with different names , they should try to compel these forces by peace and pen the peace ‘’ Hilal Hanjuri a T.V journalist said. (KNB)

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