Importation of hybrid seeds Demolish Local seed industry In Kashmir

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 03 Jan 2019 (KNB): With the introduction of new technology, the importation of hybrid seeds in crop sciences is evident. But, It has not only destroyed the local seed industry but has also completely changed the biodiversity picture of the valley of Kashmir. The indigenous plants are becoming rare whereas the exotic seeds and plants with a new set of ecosystem implications are taking over.

The destruction of indigenous fauna and flora with indiscriminate use of insecticides, increased cost of production and new environmental challenges to face ahead. The hybrid seed and exotic poultry genetics has not only affected local plant and poultry genetic resources but have become permanently dependent upon exotic seeds and livestock species

With the negligence by the authorities genetic resources may also result into a permanent deprivation from our soil born genotypes of cattle, buffalo sheep and goat which are not less than any superior dairy variety. The local varieties of seeds of the agricultural products especially the rice varieties like Muskbudji, Gul zag. The steps were taken by the SKUAST for revival of these varieties but the results are far less than desired

Talking to KNB professor Fazili said “Endogenic (local) species plays the role within the ecosystem for its sustenance , the alien or exogenous species disturbs the ecological Harmony as they deprive the local species and creates the hindrance in their growth ,the common Snow trout species like Schizothorax richardsonii ,Schizothorax progastas which were found in most of water bodies of Kashmir are rarely evident now as they lost their feeding and breeding ground to exogenous species of carps ”
“The government has established the different wildlife sanctuaries and national parks for preservation of the wildlife species of flora and fauna but there is also a need to preserve the common domestic species of livestock and agricultural varieties ,,
The need is to educate the common masses to about the role of local species in ecosystem and everyone should co-operate to save the indigenous species (KNB)

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