KNB impact:Government wakes up to stop illegal construction in Srinagar outskirt

Yasmeen Manzoor
Srinagar Jan 07(KNB) : Kashmir News Bureau team highlighted the matter of illegal construction at Panzi Nahra and within few days the said issue came under the notice of Deputy Commissioner Srinagar, Syed Abid and the illegal construction was immediately stopped.

Hundred hectares of fertile cultural land was being used for constructional purposes at Panzi Nahra area of district Barhamulla and Bandipora, just 10 Km away from Srinagar despite the order being issued by the administration for stopping the work.

KNB team highlighted the issue after which DC srinagar, conducted inspections along that area and issued stop-work orders and soon the illegal construction has been compeletely stopped.(KNB)

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