On Mufti Muhammad Syed’s death anniversary, Mehbboba appologize for ‘tofee’ remark

Srinagar, Jan 07(KNB): Former chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti  apologized for her comments on Monday that she made during the 2016 uprising.

Mehbooba after being asked about the situation prevalent in 2016 when more than 100 civilians were killed had said,“Had they gone to buy toffees” after which she was opprobrium by people over her comment.

On Monday she apologised for her remarks and said as a mother she was pained over the killing of teenagers during the uprisings and out of anger she had made those comments, “If my comments as a mother have agonized mothers sisters and brothers, I apologise. I am being criticized that I have said toffee etc. But I said it as a mother. Mothers get angry when her kids don’t listen to her,” she said.

The PDP president also said that she will stop visiting families of militants if youth don’t like it.

She made the remarks while addressing a gathering on the death anniversary of her father Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.(KNB)

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