Fuel Shortages Cause Traffic Chaos In Srinagar

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 26 (KNB): After the two days of the shortage of the fuels in Valley ,supply was restored resulting in unprecedented rush at the filling stations in Srinagar city

The petrol pumps at munawar Abad ,  Khanyar and Habak witnessed a huge rush and people were waiting in long queues for their term with the plastic cans in the hands ,the congestion of the vehicles at petrol pumps have resulted in the traffic jams  .
A traffic cop working tirelessly at Rainawari chowk to de-escalate  the jam said ” the people are rushing towards the  filling station in crowd with vehicles as well as by foot with canes in hand ,
The anxious drivers are trying to reach the petrol pump while driving from wrong sides in choas resulted in traffic jams . I request all to remain calm and be in queues  and follow instructions as we also working for them
Meanwhile, on Monday  petrol pumps in valley ran out of  the supply, most of them closed with the sign, ‘No petrol. No diesel. (KNB)

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