32 teachers from j&k falicitated at national capital


Fayaz Jamal Bhat

Kulgam, 21 March (KNB): On 13th of March Shri Aurobindo society in calloboration with HDFC bank and MHRD govt of India facilitated around 600 teachers from 18 states of the country for their zero investment innovations.

In this mega event 32 teachers from j&k were too awarded for their contribution of zero investment innovations. Among the facilitated teachers Mr Syed Muneer Hussain Teacher of Hs paranpillan Zone jhulla Dist baramulla and Shevata sharma teacher from jammu addressed the gathering representing their state while both the teachers stressed on the importance of zero investment innovations and invited the member states to visit j&k to promote peace and universal brotherhood .

Moreover, the book of J&k innovative teachers was also launched.

The member states showered tremendous love and affection towards the teachers of j&k and their contribution in the improvement of education.(KNB)

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