Autism Awareness Day celebrated across the world

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 02 April (KNB): 2nd of April is globally celebrated as the world Autism Awareness Day(WAAD) with goal of spreading the awareness about the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) a disease which impairs the communication and social interaction skills of the individuals.

The day was first celebrated in the year 2008 as 2nd of the April was announced as the world autism day by the united Nations General assembly and is one of the seven health-based UN days and this year’s (WAAD) is celebrated under the theme “assertive Technologies, Active Participation.

Despite the high frequency of the Autism spectrum disorder all over the world the technologies and the healthcare facilities available to cure this disease reaches only to a mere population of the world and lack of awareness about the (ASD) also leads to the delayed diagnosis the more complications.

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau Zaheen a counselor at the ‘Chotay Taray Foundation’ a home for children with special needs said that Autism spectrum disorder is neurological condition in which the patients are not able to communicate and lack the eye contact , it has three categories ,mild , moderate and severe and the early diagnosis and the treatment is very important for such children , the speech therapy and the other health care facilities help to boost the communication skills of such patients .”

“She further requested the parents of such children they should not neglect the symptoms due to the social stigma which is dangerous for such patients as they may get muted for life and parents should restrain to think such children as liability, if an autistic person is provided with a proper training and guidance, they are as good as the normal children.”

Pertinently ,according to data furnished by the world health organization (WHO) ,one in 160 children across the globe suffer from autism spectrum disorder and another study by the INCLEN trust international has ascertained that one in hundred children in India under age of ten have autism and at one in eight Indian children neuro developmental condition. (KNB)

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