JKPM leader appreciates the one-day wageless work by contractual lecturers

JKPM will work for comprehensive job policy for contractual lecturers: Dr Mustafa Khan

Jammu, April 02: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) leader, Dr Mustafa Khan, in a statement conveyed that he appreciated the efforts of contractual lecturers for conducting the classes voluntarily despite having a break day that they could have availed on April 1st.

In a statement, Dr Khan said that the fraternity of contractual lecturers are the worst sufferers due to the misgovernance on part of the previous governments. “The contractual lecturers have been ignored by previous governments and no one in these government heard their plights, ” Dr Khan said.

The government as per the contractual policy gives a break of one day to the lecturers before extending or renewing their contract. In that regard, the contractual lecturers, who are more than 1800 in number, were asked to take a break of one day on 1st April 2019 and to resume their work on 2nd April.
“It is appreciable that despite the fact that these contractual lecturers were given a break of one day, they attended their classes in their respective schools voluntarily, ” Dr Khan said.

Mustafa Khan further said that it would be a priority for JKPM to create a comprehensive job policy for contractual lecturers when it comes into power.

“We have kept the rehabilitation and creation of job policy for contractual lecturers in our party’s (JKPM) vision document, and I on behalf of our party assure all contractual lecturers that they will be provided with their right on a merit basis, ” Khan said. He further added, ” We will not let the hard work of these lecturers go in vain.”

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