Weight loss: If you want to lose belly fat, weightlifting is your best bet!

If your mid section is your trouble area, you clearly spend most of your workout time in doing crunches, crunches and some more crunches. First of all, spot reduction is a myth. You cannot work on one body part and expect it to change – No!

Weight loss doesn’t work like that.

Now if you trust your treadmill and cross trainer for reducing your belly fat, we tell you that while you may be burning enough calories, you cannot control what part of your body will shed fat – because how your body loses fat depends a lot on your genes and your body composition. So the best thing that you can do to lose belly fat is to opt for a workout that is useful in overall fat loss. So head straight to the weight training area and pick some weights.

Weight training has proven to have immense benefits for people wanting to lose weight. The break up of your workout week should be – three days of weight lifting, one day of HIIT (high intensity interval training), one day of plain cardio and one day rest. But along with this routine, make sure you sleep well and eat well too, simply because nothing in this world can make you fit unless your body cycle is regulated and your gut is healthy.

Lifting weights improves the body composition and burns more calories at rest, once you are done with it. Your body burns calories when you engage in weight lifting, but for that you have to ensure that you work with weights that challenge your body – and not with lighter weights.

Moreover, more fitness experts believe that compound movements that engage larger muscles in one go do wonders for weight loss. So go do the deadlift, leg press and barbell squats!

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