Allow the civilians traffic on Sunday ahead of Baisakhi: Indumeet Singh

Srinagar,April 10 (KNB): prominent Sikh leader Indumeet Singh on Wednesday demanded allowing civilian traffic on highway ahead of Baisakhi on Sunday.

Indumeet Singh said that only full revocation of the ban can bring respite to the suffering of the people of Kashmir.

“He added on the eve of Baisakhi thousands of Sikh devotees will travel from various districts of state to celebrate the festival. Highway ban will impact the travel and will end up creating prombems for whole community.”

“We appeal government that don’t force us to hit roads and defy the highway ban,” he said.

He further said that the convoy movement can be made through night hours” there is no need to create problems for Civilian population of Kashmir,”.

He urgent government to look into the matter in a logical and humanistic way and revoke the order.

Whole Sikh community is celebrating Baisakhi on 14 of April that falls on Sunday when highway ban will be in effect.

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