Six year on, Community Hall incomplete at SafaKadal

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, April 12(KNB): Residents of Safakadal allege that the construction of a Community Hall remained incomplete even though the work on it was started almost six years ago.

Locals said that the authorities started the construction work on Community Hall in 2013 with the available funds but after erecting the walls it did not continue further and is still under construction from last six years.

Shabir Ahmad Khan, a local resident said “The construction of a community hall was started before six years and is still incomplete, due to the congestion and scarcity of space, we have no place to celebrate our marriage ceremonies or other functions.The construction was restarted after Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran visited the community hall and continued for ten to fifteen days after which it stopped.we are demanding the completion of the construction work of the hall.”

Another local, Javeed Ahmad said “We have been demanding the completion of the construction work but authorities are not paying heed to our demands, at least SMC department should look to the community hall and see why the construction has been stopped.”

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau, Deputy mayor SMC Muhammad Imran Sheikh said” I will look into the matter personally.” (KNB)

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