The rape shame continues: Another Daughter Raped by father in Bandipora

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, April 13(KNB): The brutal and harrowing incident of sexual abuse has once again put the whole state on edge after a girl committed suicide allegedly raped by her father in Bandipora district.

In a heart wrenching and shameful incident, a girl (name withheld) committed suicide after allegedly raped by her father in Chatar area of Bandipora District.

“I am too scared after the incident as I too have three daughters. The law should be stricter and compel the culprits to think twice before committing such a crime, these heart wrenching incidents just reinforce our fears of living in a society where personal safety feels like a privilege rather than a right,”said a local resident of Bandipora.

The rising incidences of child rape is the signal towards worrying trend, earlier in January last year, Asifa eight year old minor girl was raped, strangled with her own scarf and bashed in the skull with a rock.

Another heart wrenching incident happened in the same year when a nine-year-old child was gang-raped and murdered in Baramullah district, while a woeful incident took place in the same district of Kunzer area where a man was arrested for allegedly raping his young daughter.

Another local, Bashir Zargar said “our hearts are already sinking with news of rape and assault towards women and little girls across valley, the horrors continue and we watch each case with a disappointed familiarity, It needs the Compelete end not just bringing back memories of the old cases of rapes and murders and next day one more disheartened incident.”

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau, SSP Bandipora Rahul Malik talking about Bandipora incident said” It is the shameful and heinous crime, Investigation has been initiated to ascertain the incident while the accused father has been arrested and FIR is registered.”(KNB)

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