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Doctors at super speciality SKIMS hospital prefer watching ICC World cup match over saving life of two toddlers.

In a bizzare but moving incident doctors neglect treating two toddler patients for the sake of watching a cricket match at SKIMS Soura.

Majid and Mehak (name changed) twins both aged 11 months reportedly consumed some substance in bemina locality. The duo were taken to nearby JVC health facility. On observing the gravity of their complication doctors at JVC referred them to SKIMS. However, on their arrival at SKIMS the parents of the duo alleged non availabilty of doctors in the emergency ward. They alleged that the doctors were busy in watching a cricket match.

Although they after repeated calls did attend to the patients but their approach was all along casual. Even during the course of treatment the attending doctor was more concerned about the scoreboard instead of the readings bieng displayed on the medical equipment. Every now and then the attending doctors would dissapear towards the area hosting a television set alleged the parents.

All this while the condition of the kids deteriorated. Consequently the attendants made a hue and cry about the callous and casual attitude of the doctors. Infuriated, the doctors declined to treat the kids at a critical stage.

According to family, When some attendants of other patients tried to intervene the doctors categorically declined to even touch the the patients who by this time were thrown into a struggle between life and death. Without the patients bieng put on some life support equipment they parents were left with no option but to take the kids to GB Panth children hospital which is at a distance of about 12 kms from SKIMS.

They said, while the attendants were preparing to leave the hospital a group of doctors prevailed upon them.They turned goons. They thrashed some of the male attendants, broke their gadgets like mobile phones and misbehaved with the female attendants.

At GB panth the kids are in an extreme critical condition.

This episode of extreme callousness can not be called a simple case of medical negligence. It goes beyond that and reflects the rot of the highest order that the medical prefession of the state has nurtured and is currently thriving upon. Moreso in case of the only super speciality facility of SKIMS soura.

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