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Face App challenge Rises in Kashmir, Threat to Privacy

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, July 23(KNB): Face App challenge like most apps that go viral as Tik-Tok and PUBG, social media nowadays is flooded with images of young people turned old by using a filter in FaceApp that uses its technology to make users’ faces look older, younger and even swaps gender or transform expression after uploading ones photo.  

As per the reports, Face App is the Russian app asking permission to the user which access the information and data from phone gallery after user agree to its terms of service thus providing it a right to do whatever it wants with their photos as it could plaster a wrinkled version of one’s face across a billboard, website or the side of a skyscraper while the user would have no legal recourse after agreeing it’s terms and conditions.

The trend is at its peak across Kashmir after Tik-Tok and PUBG , however hardly users know what they are signing up for where after agreeing to the terms and conditions mean that FaceApp’s terms of service gains a license over the images for ever and the users legal rights will vanish and their legal exposure will be extraordinary.

Younis Bhatt, local social media user said, ” From past one week social media is full of photos of faces that had been digitally altered by Face App to look older, younger and even presenting opposite gender look which is against ethics as Islam strictly prohibits any change in Allah’s creation which is mentioned in Sura Nisa”

He further said, “Not only breaks the ethics but also interfere in our privacy as by signing terms and conditions, It gets access over data of one’s phone and sells all data and photos to the third party.”(KNB)

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