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Global women unplugged , women’s day 2020

Rameez Makhdoomi

Today on the eve of world women’s day we unplug the views of prominent women from different countries of the globe.

Anita Soina, Kenya prominent environmentalist

Anita/KNB Pic

I feel that as a Kenyan women, African girl state that I will first bring institution of motherhood who are pillars of families and societies, especially excellent role too played by Single mothers. As an environmentalist I feel women have key role in safeguarding nature.
Whether you are teacher, doctor, environmentalists, activists,those fighting poverty, business women or homemaker we need to celebrate all women. I believe we as women need to compete as women be it in Parliament or any other institution rather than given nominal positions. I have gone through cyber bullying but remained firm and celebrate all women who have gone through bullying.

We need to fight discrimination, injustice and bullying and remain strong. Women should never think of suicide in any adversity but always be fighter. We need more women in conservation of nature. “

Ugandan Women

ATUHAIRE MEMORY, Student at Makerere Business School Uganda . Women of Uganda are rising to eminence despite all odds in all walks of life. The employment opportunities for Uganda women are few.

Most women are facing reproductive problems, the women are being Violated especially in the rural areas. Genital mutilation is one of the biggest issue faced by women. I would like to say women should lead in education, big offices because most of them are hated by men. Forming own ventures is the key to rise of women in Uganda and globally as well.

Singapore Women

Rosalind Zahra, communication professional

It is rather normal for women both singles and married women to work in Singapore. It is quite common for a family to have dual-income earners due to the high living standard in Singapore.
In addition, the Singaporean women are generally independent. Excluding the more conservative families – the women could make their own decisions in different aspects of their lives including the choice of life partners.
It is also safe for women to walk alone anywhere even at night. Singapore has a Women’s Charter to govern the rights of Singaporean women.

The most common issue would be work-life balance especially for married women. Working married women in Singapore spend less time at home especially quality time with their kids. However, the Singapore government has acknowledged this issue hence has proactively encouraged companies to adopt the flexible work arrangements. This would allow employees to work at more flexible timings and very likely from home if they need to.

Nigerian women

Damilare Elizabeth, Nigerian corporate Professional

A woman’s heart is as soft and mild as her body and has the capacity to accommodate what life brings. Show a woman your world and you can own her heart.Most times in places like Nigeria , it’s not all about the fancy things but rather personal, family and country situations that makes a sex worker. On this women’s day i feel women are facing countless burning issues

Indian women

Akriti Bhatia, Prominent activist, writer TV Debater from India

On this women’s Day 2020 I feel women are facing multi dimensional issues in India and elsewhere:

  • issues of equal pay for equal work for women,
  • Global Gender Gap report where India is faring the worst – especially with respect to crimes against women – with highest MPs and MLAs from the BJP facing serious charges
  • Issue of child brides – again one of the highest in India
  • passage of the women’s reservation bill.

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