Hawal residents appeal PDD to install new transformer

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, Jan 30(KNB):Recurring damage to the transformer in the Rangar Masjid Hawal, caused thousands of population to face difficulty in this harsh winter.People are demanding to the relevant department to install a new 250kW transformer to overcome the overload of power transformer.The 630 kW transformer installed in the Rangar Masjid Hawal provides electricity to a wide population as well as to many textile looms.

As per the locals, the 630 kW transformer is not sufficient for a wide population, as it is often worsened due to over loading, the low voltage of electricity and constant fuse burns cause tremendous hindrances to the people.The overloading can be estimated by the fact that from the onset of winter, the transformer has worsened 4 times till now.

A local said, “recently the transformer has been repaired , then either the voltage is very low or the fuse often burns, due to which most areas remain dark in the area.

If the new 250 kW transformer is installed, the overload to 630 kW transformer will be over comed,which will bring relief to the public, moreover, will save heavy repayment of Finance department.”

Another local resident said, “The electricity is provided from the Mughal Masjid Hawal Receiving Station where 6 feeders are available and Ranger Masjid is provided with electricity from feeder No. 3, All the five feeders work properly but unfortunately feeder no. 3 is often worsened due to which the electricity supply is badly effected and we are being forced to suffer a lot.”

When Kashmir News Bureau contacted Junior Engineer Khanyar Division 4 Zahoor Ahmad Mir, he said, “I am not authorised, New transformer can be provided by Chief engineer and div com, we have sent them estimate of the said issue while the matter is also approached by DC Srinagar.”(KNB)