Silent Death of Handicraft in Kashmir affecting livelihoods

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 30 Jan (KNB): The traditional art of embroidery is alarmingly declining posing the threat to the tradition, culture and the economy of the valley.

The handicraft industry has remained as an important key in the economic development of J&K state and the industry has a great handout towards employment opportunities now this tradition is opted by the other states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and may result in the economy dependency in long terms .

Economic analyst warn that the art may extinct from Valley….

Papu Khan a shawl worked from Najeeb Abad area of the Uttar Pradesh said, “I am doing my shawl business from last one decade as an embroidery worker, there are more than 200 worker working for me in different areas of the Najeeb Abad especially the women but unfortunately day by day it is dying and impacting our economy, tradition and culture.”

“Government policy and improve the infrastructure, technology to revive this heritage as need of proper marketing and self help finance scheme to encourage the people especially the youth towards it,” said Effat yasmeen an economist.

Another local from Ganderbal area known for the traditional art in valley said, “This tradition is declining day by day, before fifteen years there were more than a thousand embroiders in our locality, but today there are mere 50 to 100.

He added that the earning through this are very less to run the family, people are now preferring other options ( KNB)